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A Loving Environment Prepares Them For School, Life, And Loving Relationships

ASTEROIDS | 3 years | Serving Bradenton, FL

Developmental Screenings Keep Your Child On Track

The Frog Street Press curriculum and Bright Horizons teaching standards equip your little learner with a beneficial academic, cognitive, and social headstart. Assessments check-in at the beginning, middle, and end of our curriculum ensure your student is on the right path.

Positive Learning Experiences Build Emotional Intelligence

Teachers avoid using time-outs and turn to gentle redirection instead to teach your child how to calm themselves and self-regulate. They learn communication techniques that help them identify their feelings, understand others’ emotions, and form solid, happy relationships.

Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals At No Extra Cost

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks made in-house using fresh fruit and veggies from our garden keep your little one energized all day long. Meals are well-balanced and adhere to State Food Program guidelines for optimal nutrition.

They Learn To Garden, Recycle, Ans Repurpose

From planting in gardens to digging in rubber mulch and cooking in recycled handmade kitchens, your child develops an understanding of nature’s life cycles and how items can be repurposed. They pour in sandboxes, play make-believe in houses, and much more.

OBIE Provides An Intro To Technology Skills

In an increasingly digital world, your kiddo gains a strong understanding of technology with an educational and social centerpiece that offers hundreds of games. Having fun with friends while sharpening cognitive skills has never been so much fun!

Teachers Are In Constant Communication With You

You receive photos, videos, and progress reports about your little one’s day through the ProCare Connect app. Log in with just a few clicks and get up to speed on exactly where your child’s development is at.

We Proudly Accept State And County-funded Subsidy Families.

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