A Cozy, Home-Like Learning Space

Nestled Into A Welcoming, Residential Community

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Bradenton, FL

Right Off 44th Ave and Close To Bus Stops For A Quick, Easy Commute!

Designed And Furnished With Kids’ Interests In Mind

Our recently remodeled school is painted in bright colors and filled with fun toys and games to keep your child engaged. Misters on a playground keep your kiddo cool in the summer, and they can play with hundreds of games on the interactive OBIE projector.

A Convenient Neighborhood Close To All The Amenities

Located across the street from the Putt-Putt Pirate Ship and Home Depot, running errands and going on fun outings has never been easier. Restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies are also nearby.

Recycled Playground Structures And BLUE Rubber Mulch

Your little one develops a love for nature while tented to planted gardens, digging through blue rubber mulch, and playing make-believe in recycled handmade kitchens outdoors! Climbing structures are from natural materials, and we have sandboxes and playhouses, too.

A Sparkling Clean Learning Environment

Teachers wipe down toys, objects, and high-touch surfaces with child-friendly disinfectant to banish germs and bacteria. Hand sanitizer is throughout the center, and classrooms are deep-cleaned at the end of the day.

Your Child Is Safe And Secure At All Times

Tall privacy fences enclose our yard and protect your kiddo as they play and explore throughout the day! Security cameras are installed throughout the center and keep a watchful eye on the grounds at all times.

How Old Is Your Child?



3 - 12 months

Younger Toddlers


1 year olds

Older Toddlers


2 Year olds



3 Year olds



4 - 5 Years

Ready To See Your Child Excel In Preschool?