Safeguarding Your Child’s Health

A Sparkling Clean, Health-Conscious Learning Environment

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Bradenton, FL

Good Hand Hygiene Stops Germs In Their Tracks

Your child washes their hands upon entry to the school and then several times throughout the day while transitioning from their classroom to the playground and eating areas. Teachers keep a close eye to ensure they use soap and water at all times!

Temperature Checks Taken Upon Arrival Each Day

Every child and staff member has their temperature taken upon arrival to monitor them for any illness signs carefully. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of poor health is asked to go home and is only permitted to return with a doctor’s note.

Social Distancing Protects During Drop-Off & Pick-Up

For the time being, parents should remain outdoors during drop-off and pick-up. A teacher will come to collect your child once you let us know that you’ve arrived, and there is one child pick-up at a time for everyone’s safety.

Smaller Class Sizes Keep A Safe Distance

There fewer students than usual  in each classroom, allowing for the appropriate distance between each child. Teachers plan educational activities that involve little to no contact to prevent viruses from spreading.

Toys, Surfaces, & Classrooms Are Cleaned Regularly

Your child’s spaces receive deep cleaning at the end of each day with eco-friendly, non-toxic cleansers. Toys and surfaces get cleaned after every use, and high-touch areas like doorknobs and bathrooms get special attention.

How Old Is Your Child?

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